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I'm Kim 21 years young and I study

Art Direction at the Miami Ad School in Hamburg.


I would describe myself as a bundle of positive energy, with just the right amount of insanity, unwavering loyalty for my team and healthy ambition.

Actually a good text, I thought to myself. But the more I look at it, the stranger it gets. So I asked people from my surroundings what they would write instead. 


And got a lot of very helpful comments. 

Sooo here we go...



Kputze Kopie.PNG

- Weirdo with questionable taste in music and tea. 

- Highly recommended as a lost places guide. 

- I would only hire her if she had to take her dogs to the office every day. 

- Beware: Tends to spontaneity kicks that usually only go well for her. 

- What do art directors do again? Also these 3D things?

- Kimi is an incredibly talented creative and a great friend :) This is  what you meant by commenting on you right?

- Definitely creative, team player, open for criticism, innovative and creative haha

- Have never met someone who can quote so many movies and still doesn't know a single actor!

- Oldest of 4 siblings. I think that says it all.

- You really put that in your portfolio? Wasn’t that kind of important? With our full on idiots mh brave haha

You bet! So yeah Thanks for all the answers guys


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